Homeschool My Child

Should I Homeschool My Child?

Wondering, “Should I homeschool my child?” It’s a question that’s being asked more frequently as homeschooling groups, programs and homeschooling curriculum resources have become more mainstream. But the decision to homeschool a child can be a difficult one and many parents are nervous about the prospect of taking over the responsibility for teaching a child at home. There are many pros and cons of homeschooling that a parent must take into account when deciding if they should educate children in the home. Potential homeschooling parents may consider the following factors

Learn a new language abroad

Learn that New Language Overseas: Live it While You Learn It!

Whether you want to read French subtitles, order a meal in Chinese, or visit extended family in Poland, learning a language abroad can open 100s of doors. There is little debate about the benefits of knowing a second or foreign language, even beyond the advantages of being a more global citizen. The research is clear in terms of cognitive development, higher levels of academic achievement, a greater chance of completion of higher education degrees, and employment opportunities. Historically, Europeans, with their closely-bordered lands, have managed to become masters of several

After a Career Break, How to Find a Suitable Job

Finding a suitable job after a break may be challenging. Most employers would not consider your work experience prior to the career break and consider you as an entry level once again. But don’t lose heart, you still have a chance to land your dream job after a break. Here are some tips on how to find a suitable job after a career break. Assurance. You have to assure your employer that you will be staying with them to work and not go on a break once again. Employers need