Classroom Learning

Classroom Assessment and Learning Evaluation

Educational assessment is used to raise the standards of learning, according to which the educational process should be conducted. Especially, it is related to lower ability students, since their progress and performance evaluation helps to define which particular learning needs should be addressed more. Nowadays both summative and formative assessment methods are used for students’ performance and learning evaluation. Nevertheless, relying on one of the two methods of classroom assessment more may lead to student learning needs’ becoming unclear, since one form of assessment cannot provide a full picture of

Online Education

Online Education: The Next Big Thing In The Education Sector

Education is something, which is needed not only for earning a living but it refines and polishes the personality of an individual. Online education has become very common and is wide spread though it has both pros and cons. If we look towards the good things about the concept of online education then we see that the positives outweigh the negatives. The very first positive point about the online education system is that there is no expenditure of time and money on commuting. As all the studies are done sitting back