Teachers Should Avoid

Teachers Should Avoid the Traps and Problems with Student Rewards

Rewards are impossible to avoid at any level of our society. Evidence shoes repeatedly that the most effective rewards come from within. Are teachers who use extrinsic rewards doing more harm than good? Reward Problems Who is being Rewarded? The act of bestowing a reward on another person creates a positive feeling in the giver as well as the recipient. This reinforces the giving behavior and can lead to increased reward use. If teachers feel good about giving why not bring the whole class a cookie occasionally for no particular reason. Thus

Paying for college

Paying for College

In a regular year, paying for college can be a big deal. Now, in the middle of a recession with social security cost of living payments and the price of stamps foregoing increases, college tuition is moving right on up. In fact, economists say the recession is what’s causing the rise. This time the hikes can’t be blamed just on the private schools – state colleges are increasing prices at even faster rates. Economists and college administrators have various reasons for the uptick, but it’s clear that getting the most for


Questions to Ask Students who Have Studied Abroad

When a student plans to spend time in a foreign country as a part of his or her program of study, there are plenty of resources for information, such as program websites, travel guides, university websites, and study abroad advisors. But one of the very best places to learn more about the experience of studying abroad in a particular country is from the students who are studying or have already studied there. Here are some questions to ask them! Questions About Student Life Knowing what sort of student environment to expect