School Educational Standards

Evaluating Public School Educational Standards

Parents want the best education possible for their children and assume that the public schools they are required to support with tax dollars will provide children with an education that will prepare them for life after graduation. According to a report released, most State Boards of Education are not holding themselves to even a mediocre standard. “The average grade for state standards across all subjects was a disappointing ‘C-Minus’. State Standards are Linked to National Progress When the results of state tests are released, local newspapers and newscasts often focus

Learn a Foreign Language

Top 10 Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

Other than formal foreign language instruction, what else can one do to pick up a new tongue? Here are ten ideas for those who dream of being multilingual. There are four basic skills to hone in the acquisition of a foreign language. It is best to identify, from the very beginning, the ultimate objective of learning the target language. For example, does one need to send business emails to French-speaking Canada? Or perhaps the goal is to speak better Spanish on one’s next vacation to Mexico? When the objective is