Student Loan

Know the College Loan Process

The college loan process confuses most parents who have made the decision to send their children to more expensive schools than they can afford. Based on the rate of tuition increases, more and more parents are now falling into this category. The most recent college loan scandal at Columbia University brings to light strong conflicts of interest between the lending institutions and colleges. The Financial Aid Package Most parents assume their college financial aid package includes a combination of the best loans and grants available to the institution. Columbia University’s

Program Managment

Program Management – Is it Right for You?

The concept of a program manager is something which has been appearing progressively more regularly in recent years as this position is now being put in place within an ever-increasing variety of companies. This article will try and clarify precisely what the job of a typical program manager is by simply looking at the jobs one might tackle daily. At a high level, a program manager is defined as somebody who harmonizes an array of projects in the direction of the exact same target. By controlling the set of project