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How to deal with Misbehavior and Discipline in Education

When a pupil continually misbehaves in a classroom, it is easy to blame the student for lack of discipline and motivation as mentioned in the article Understanding the role motivation plays in education. For some students, this may be the case, however, it cannot be stressed too strongly that when a teacher is frequently faced with misbehavior a more thorough inspection of their teaching methods and practice must be investigated. This is before seeking to establish discipline and control by continually administering reprimands and punishments. All teachers throughout their career will


Professional Learning Communities Help Schools

The current culture in education, with its emphasis on standardized testing, demands teachers work collaboratively to ensure student success. Technology has created numerous opportunities for teachers worldwide to collaborate and share innovative strategies with the click of a button, improving instruction in the classroom. Yet, even with all of this advancement, teachers and schools continue to struggle to help their students. This fact continues to befuddle those in the educational field, not to mention parents and community members. The reality is, even with the best teachers and the most proven

Foregin Language

Teaching Young Children a Foreign Language

Studying abroad is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and is definitely not the time to sit at home in between going to class. Learn how to make the most of it! Children have an easier time learning foreign language than adults do. Use a variety of techniques such as DVDs, books, songs, and CDs to teach your child. Make learning foreign languages fun for your child through the use of different media. At the same time, enjoy learning some foreign language, yourself! DVDs to Teach Foreign Language Many DVDs come equipped