Study Tips

Study Tips for College Students

Studying for college courses can be a daunting task, particularly for new college students. However, with some careful planning and effort, college students can develop some study habits which will maximize their learning potential (and their grades)! Here are five study strategies which can help any student succeed in college: Break Studying Up Into Small Chunks A marathon of studying right before a test is the least effective way to prepare. Moreover, it is highly stressful and unhealthy, translating to low energy and inability to concentrate once one actually gets

Job the Right Way

How to Exit Your Job the Right Way (Even if You Hated It)

So here is the good problem. You have a new job! Your current and now old job situation had become unbearable, or you were just ready for a better opportunity. You were proactive, and have found new employment. You have been able, in this crazy job market, to maintain your current employment, to get your resume together (always a good idea to have constantly updated), network or seek a job opportunity, interview and get the offer. Bravo! So now you have to give a start date to your new employer