Study Abroad

How Working Abroad Differs From Studying Abroad

Sometimes, when a student returns from a foreign country, the temptation to go abroad again, this time to work, can be high. How are the two experiences different? Studying abroad programs offer a wealth of opportunities for college students. Whether it’s a couple of weeks during summer vacation or for an entire academic year, studying in another country not only enhances a student’s college education, but also helps to make a student more marketable after graduation and adds a new perspective to a student’s life experiences. For anyone thinking of going abroad

Foregin Language

Teaching Young Children a Foreign Language

Studying abroad is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and is definitely not the time to sit at home in between going to class. Learn how to make the most of it! Children have an easier time learning foreign language than adults do. Use a variety of techniques such as DVDs, books, songs, and CDs to teach your child. Make learning foreign languages fun for your child through the use of different media. At the same time, enjoy learning some foreign language, yourself! DVDs to Teach Foreign Language Many DVDs come equipped

Studying Abroad

How to Make the Most of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a wonderful experience that gives college students the opportunity to meet new people, travel to exciting destinations, and pick up or improve foreign language skills. Here are a few ways to make the most of studying abroad and have as memorable an experience as possible! Making Friends: Pick Up an Activity or Sport President of the Theater Club? Intramural referee? Active in community service? When studying abroad, take an activity of interest from home and find an opportunity to pursue it in the foreign country. It’s a

Learn a Foreign Language

Top 10 Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

Other than formal foreign language instruction, what else can one do to pick up a new tongue? Here are ten ideas for those who dream of being multilingual. There are four basic skills to hone in the acquisition of a foreign language. It is best to identify, from the very beginning, the ultimate objective of learning the target language. For example, does one need to send business emails to French-speaking Canada? Or perhaps the goal is to speak better Spanish on one’s next vacation to Mexico? When the objective is


Questions to Ask Students who Have Studied Abroad

When a student plans to spend time in a foreign country as a part of his or her program of study, there are plenty of resources for information, such as program websites, travel guides, university websites, and study abroad advisors. But one of the very best places to learn more about the experience of studying abroad in a particular country is from the students who are studying or have already studied there. Here are some questions to ask them! Questions About Student Life Knowing what sort of student environment to expect

Learn a new language abroad

Learn that New Language Overseas: Live it While You Learn It!

Whether you want to read French subtitles, order a meal in Chinese, or visit extended family in Poland, learning a language abroad can open 100s of doors. There is little debate about the benefits of knowing a second or foreign language, even beyond the advantages of being a more global citizen. The research is clear in terms of cognitive development, higher levels of academic achievement, a greater chance of completion of higher education degrees, and employment opportunities. Historically, Europeans, with their closely-bordered lands, have managed to become masters of several