Is it worth applying to IGNOU University?

IGNOU University is one of the reputable institutes offering various courses for the students. It has now officially declared its admission session of 2018-2019. Candidates must check the site to get updates about the last date of admission to IGNOU. Students can easily apply online by means of Online Application mode. This definitely saves time for the candidates. The website allows you to register yourself, fill in the application form, and pay the fees through the online payment method. Students can also opt for the offline way. However, very few

College Study Group

How to Organize an Effective College Study Group

Studying for college final exams often requires a lot of time. To reduce study time, college students can organize study groups with their classmates. The following sections offer tips on how to organize an effective college study group. Establish the Logistics in Advance The simplest, yet most important, component of organizing an effective study group is establishing the logistics in advance. This means that the date, time, and place must be set prior to the meeting. If the location requires a reservation, such as a library study room, the reservation should also

Study Tips

Study Tips for College Students

Studying for college courses can be a daunting task, particularly for new college students. However, with some careful planning and effort, college students can develop some study habits which will maximize their learning potential (and their grades)! Here are five study strategies which can help any student succeed in college: Break Studying Up Into Small Chunks A marathon of studying right before a test is the least effective way to prepare. Moreover, it is highly stressful and unhealthy, translating to low energy and inability to concentrate once one actually gets

Exam Study

Exam Study Shortcuts for College Students

During midterm and finals weeks, one of the biggest problems student face is that there never seems to be enough time to study everything. With multiple exams happening all at once, it’s useful for a student to have a few time saving strategies. Review Class Lecture Notes Throughout the Semester Students can save time preparing for exams by reading through their class notes on a regular basis throughout the semester. As a rule of thumb, it’s helpful to reread notes about once a week. Some students also find it helpful

Successful In College

How to be Successful In College

The transition from high school to college can often be a rough one, but here are some tips that will increase your chances of being successful! Be sure to choose the right school This is the first and most important step for high school students, and it is necessary. Make sure you like the school you’re going to go to. Visit it several times. Ask questions. Get a feel of what life is like there, because if you are not happy with your school it will be much harder to

Student Loan

Know the College Loan Process

The college loan process confuses most parents who have made the decision to send their children to more expensive schools than they can afford. Based on the rate of tuition increases, more and more parents are now falling into this category. The most recent college loan scandal at Columbia University brings to light strong conflicts of interest between the lending institutions and colleges. The Financial Aid Package Most parents assume their college financial aid package includes a combination of the best loans and grants available to the institution. Columbia University’s

Paying for college

Paying for College

In a regular year, paying for college can be a big deal. Now, in the middle of a recession with social security cost of living payments and the price of stamps foregoing increases, college tuition is moving right on up. In fact, economists say the recession is what’s causing the rise. This time the hikes can’t be blamed just on the private schools – state colleges are increasing prices at even faster rates. Economists and college administrators have various reasons for the uptick, but it’s clear that getting the most for