Top Inspiring Success Stories of Indian Women

For a long time now, women have been making history in the professional world. Be it any field, women have made a mark for themselves with their innovative approach and dedication to the job. Even in times when not all women were working and it was dominated by just a select few, they continued to make progress and have inspired so many others over the years. Today, both men and women are seen working in varied fields. Research and you’ll find numerous inspiring success stories of women in the world.

Job interview

Job Interview: Building Confidence in 3 Steps

Going on a job interview can be confusing and demoralizing, but reducing the task to three steps can boost the job applicant’s confidence. Succeeding in a job interview isn’t a mystical experience requiring the alignment of the planets, but it may seem that way to someone looking for a job. To demystify the objective, consider job interviews as a three-part process: preparation, the first impression formed in 10 seconds, and the actual interview. Reducing the process to these three distinct steps can boost the confidence of a job seeker. Job

Job the Right Way

How to Exit Your Job the Right Way (Even if You Hated It)

So here is the good problem. You have a new job! Your current and now old job situation had become unbearable, or you were just ready for a better opportunity. You were proactive, and have found new employment. You have been able, in this crazy job market, to maintain your current employment, to get your resume together (always a good idea to have constantly updated), network or seek a job opportunity, interview and get the offer. Bravo! So now you have to give a start date to your new employer


Career Plan: How to Make One

Looking for a career change? Trying to get your first job? Just out of school? Recently been downsized? You’ve come to the right place! A career plan is written strategy which helps clarify individual skills and interests and outlines the training required to reach career goals. According to Mapping Your Future, a career plan sharpens the planner’s focus and even helps with writing a resume and explaining your skills to potential employers. Career plans can be written according to several different formats, but ultimately they contain the chosen career and the steps required to

Program Managment

Program Management – Is it Right for You?

The concept of a program manager is something which has been appearing progressively more regularly in recent years as this position is now being put in place within an ever-increasing variety of companies. This article will try and clarify precisely what the job of a typical program manager is by simply looking at the jobs one might tackle daily. At a high level, a program manager is defined as somebody who harmonizes an array of projects in the direction of the exact same target. By controlling the set of project

Teaching English

Information About Teaching English In Korea

Korea is a beautiful country located East Asia in the Korean peninsula. The steady economic rise and Korea and Seoul’s continued campaign for respect of human rights continues to put Korea in a strategic world position. This is on both a trade and diplomatic level. The need for Korea to integrate further with the world has led to need for teachers to teach English in Korea. This will help the upcoming generation to adapt to English language usage. The need for English is driven by the fact that English is

After a Career Break, How to Find a Suitable Job

Finding a suitable job after a break may be challenging. Most employers would not consider your work experience prior to the career break and consider you as an entry level once again. But don’t lose heart, you still have a chance to land your dream job after a break. Here are some tips on how to find a suitable job after a career break. Assurance. You have to assure your employer that you will be staying with them to work and not go on a break once again. Employers need