Private Schools Student Success

Private High Schools Focus on Student Success

Private high schools represent an alternative for parents concerned about class size, teacher competency, and college prep curricula. In most private high school settings, there is no child left behind. Private high schools vary, but the best ones feature small class sizes, superb faculty, and a college prep curriculum that is rigorous. Although tuition can be expensive, private high schools usually extend financial assistance packages. Institutions run the gamut from boarding schools, military schools, day-schools, and religiously affiliated schools. Smaller Classes in Private High Schools Class size and student-teacher ratios often

Finding the Right School

Finding the Right School

Finding the right school can be a challenge for any family. There are so many things to consider. Making the right decision on which school to send children to is a very important one. Do Your Research The first step in finding the right school is to do your research. Research the following: Find the ratings and parent recommendations of the schools that the family is interested in. Identify the public schools located near the family’s home (or future home). Identify private schools located near the family’s home. Research school district websites. Contact

Changing Schools

Changing Schools – Things to Consider Before You Make the Move

Problems at School There are many points to consider before deciding to move your child from one school to another. If you are contemplating changing schools, the chances are that you have already spent many weeks, or even months, trying to resolve your particular problem with the school and feel that there is no alternative; but there are things to consider before making a final decision. If your older child is having problems at school, it is safe to assume that they will be instrumental in any discussions regarding resolving


Professional Learning Communities Help Schools

The current culture in education, with its emphasis on standardized testing, demands teachers work collaboratively to ensure student success. Technology has created numerous opportunities for teachers worldwide to collaborate and share innovative strategies with the click of a button, improving instruction in the classroom. Yet, even with all of this advancement, teachers and schools continue to struggle to help their students. This fact continues to befuddle those in the educational field, not to mention parents and community members. The reality is, even with the best teachers and the most proven

School Educational Standards

Evaluating Public School Educational Standards

Parents want the best education possible for their children and assume that the public schools they are required to support with tax dollars will provide children with an education that will prepare them for life after graduation. According to a report released, most State Boards of Education are not holding themselves to even a mediocre standard. “The average grade for state standards across all subjects was a disappointing ‘C-Minus’. State Standards are Linked to National Progress When the results of state tests are released, local newspapers and newscasts often focus

Homeschool My Child

Should I Homeschool My Child?

Wondering, “Should I homeschool my child?” It’s a question that’s being asked more frequently as homeschooling groups, programs and homeschooling curriculum resources have become more mainstream. But the decision to homeschool a child can be a difficult one and many parents are nervous about the prospect of taking over the responsibility for teaching a child at home. There are many pros and cons of homeschooling that a parent must take into account when deciding if they should educate children in the home. Potential homeschooling parents may consider the following factors