Online Education System: An Introduction

Online education is as common as campus education these days. It is no longer an alien concept and people are not at all hesitant any more in taking up these courses provided online. Rather it has really helped those who are not able attend a regular college and are devoid of the advantages of a classroom, in bagging a good degree without going through the pain of attendance pressure. But the concept of online education is yet not clear in the minds of people. There are many myths attached to the idea of distant education.

The first place goes to the fact that people assume that the online education is very expensive. This is not true. The colleges actually charge the same fee and other expenditures done are the same as done while attending the college regularly.

The other myth that follows the above mentioned is that people think that not enough material is available to the students who study online. This is sheer myth. The concept of online libraries is evolving and it provides such students enough means to collect information and they are not more kept away from the so-called library advantage to campus students. Also good and reputed schools are providing help by video conferencing. By using this technological advancement, students can clarify all doubts and queries by asking teachers directly. Also there are people called mentors, who are assigned to every student. They not only help in guiding them correctly but are also proving to be of great help while solving their problem akin to a classroom.

Another fallacy people possess in the same concern is that they feel that online courses are not hard. They think because they are not monitored and done on individual basis, these courses are easy. That is not true. As a matter of fact, the courses are just the same and the curriculum is uniformly designed. There is no substantial difference between the two syllabus. These online students not only have deadlines to meet, just like the regular students, but also they have to finish their assignments on time and submit them to their mentors.

People who have taken up these courses are often mistaken as to be indiscipline. They feel that online studies are for people who are not disciplined. As false is this assumption is, the fact that the online courses require more discipline and dedication holds very strong. As it is seen, not only you have to be a student, but also you have to tutor yourself.

Lack of networking is another myth that follows the above said. For some people online education system doesn’t provide enough opportunities to socialize. But it is not true. Online programmers not only get to share their thoughts with other students through forums, but also blogs manage the learning management.

So it can be said that if people who wish to join these online programs conduct proper research, their myths can be washed away and they can have a clear picture about these programs and then they can proceed with the appropriate course for themselves.

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