Online Education: The Next Big Thing In The Education Sector

Education is something, which is needed not only for earning a living but it refines and polishes the personality of an individual. Online education has become very common and is wide spread though it has both pros and cons. If we look towards the good things about the concept of online education then we see that the positives outweigh the negatives. The very first positive point about the online education system is that there is no expenditure of time and money on commuting. As all the studies are done sitting back home so you save a handful on the modes of travelling.

It is seen in classrooms that not all people can grasp on equal pace. Some people are slow learners where as some are very quick. In such a case slow learners lag behind and lose all hope. It is an advantage of the system of online studies that everyone can learn and form their own pace. They can plan their pattern and system. So it makes it very comfortable for such individuals.

Online studies are good for one obvious reason. That being, it is ubiquitous. It means that you can sit in any corner of the world and study whatever you want to. They are no bars as to the place of study.

Apart from learning what you have opted for, that is the course you have taken up; alongside you get to learn the technology. As all the studies are conducted by use of computer and Internet, you get to learn all the technological whereabouts.

For people who cannot travel up to a college everyday, because of certain physical disability, online education can be a lifesaver. Sitting back home you can earn a degree irrespective of your incapacity.

Now, apart from the aforesaid positives, there are negatives too come along with them. The very first being, lack of assessment. This means that when in a classroom, each student is assessed by teachers and they can be evaluated of their caliber at the spot. But this is not the case with online education.

Lack of assistance is another major flaw. People are forced to take up courses, which need minimal assistance. So the choice of courses is also restricted as to those who attend classes at campus.

Distant or online education only works for those who fulfill the basic requirement of having a computer and a broadband connection. Without these two essentials, you cannot opt for online programs.

A person also faces what is called social isolation. As the person has to sit at home and perform all the work, there is no chance of mingling with other people, tutor – student interaction, which is seen at a college.

But many other prospects like managing studies and your job together, taking care of your child, if you have any and still managing a degree, are few advantages which can only be availed by online learning.

So, overall, online studies can be productive, but if done on regular basis and in a disciplined way.

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