Program Management – Is it Right for You?

The concept of a program manager is something which has been appearing progressively more regularly in recent years as this position is now being put in place within an ever-increasing variety of companies. This article will try and clarify precisely what the job of a typical program manager is by simply looking at the jobs one might tackle daily.

At a high level, a program manager is defined as somebody who harmonizes an array of projects in the direction of the exact same target. By controlling the set of project teams as a group the target is always to achieve benefits that could not have been accomplished otherwise. The most important things our PM need to do are outlined below:

They are in charge of the fiscal aspects of the body of work. They should make certain that all the project teams that comprise the business program are proceeding to plan. Usually the program manager will have contingency finances that they’ll make use of to cope with any unforeseen expenses. Note that in certain matrix organizations the program manager will not be responsible for the program budget.

They have to manage benefit delivery. A benefit is anything beneficial this company enjoys from undertaking the program. Usually, this will be a financial profit,however it could be another form of benefit. The program manager needs to design the individual projects that comprise the program in such a way to improve the financial rewards for the organization. This may imply sacrificing individual projects if required.

They manage program communications. They must guarantee communication flows smoothly to the people who most need to know. This will consist of communication in multiple directions, for example, upwards for the program board, downward to the individual project teams, and outward to others who need the details. Communications should also proceed to other important people, such as external interested parties on a regular basis.

It is their obligation to take care of dependencies relating to the various project teams. It is said a dependency happens whenever a project has to wait for a activity in a another project to end prior to it being in a position to get started. By taking care of dependencies, or developing compromises when needed, they will try and be certain that their programs run smoothly.

They must manage stakeholders. They must make sure that the success scenarios of important stakeholders are met. This could assist the program manager in earning the assistance of critical senior managers, for example, heads of department whom you want to get on your team in order to get work accomplished and make certain the program is a great success.

They manage the program justification. The business case is the reason the program was started in the first place. The program manager must ensure that the program is worthwhile and moving in the direction of its goal, whether it is monetary or strategic.

These are definitely the most vital jobs that program managers will perform every day. Basically they are really seeking to take on anything that is needed to best reach the planned benefits for the business. There are other jobs the program manager must do, like status reporting, however the points listed above are some of the most crucial.

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