Understanding the crucial aspects of a short essay

The short essay is the great classic of Italian homework, what professors love to assign, both for home and in class. If your teachers have decided to assign you a short essay but you do not know how to get started, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide you will understand better how to make a short essay but also what is, what scheme and example to follow, what are thesis and antithesis and you can take a cue from examples carried out, such as the short essay of socio-economic scope. Following all the steps correctly to write a short essay will allow you to make a good impression at maturity or in class work. In order to get a work done you may always select a cheap writing services.

What Is A Short Wise?

The short essay – so defined because less extensive than a normal essay – is a written text that students must develop using a series of documents that are provided to him at the beginning of the first maturity test along with the track. Starting from these, from the information and indications that will find here, they are asked to “support a thesis”, that is to express an opinion on a question, defend an idea by reasoning it logically and coherently, giving information and at the same time motivating the position you take.

The Short Test in the First Test of Maturity

In the first test of Maturity you will be faced with four different types of track and among these one is the short essay that, in turn, is divided into four areas according to the themes that are proposed, the passages to read and the materials to be analyzed for the treatment: How to make a short essay in the artistic-literary field In this typology you are asked to address a topic through the analysis of literary, artistic and sometimes musical works. It is ideal if you are not taken for too rigorous and scientific arguments because it leaves ample room for maneuver to describe your point of view.

How to write a short essay on a historical-political context

The short essay in the historical-political context has texts that lead the candidate to reflect and develop a thought on historical events and political issues. In the historical essay it is important to make a distinction between what are the contemporary sources of the event we are talking about and the various interpretations of that event that have been given in the course of history (historiographical interpretations).

How to write a short essay on the socio-economic context

The documents that are made available to students in this type of short essay concern topics that deal with social and economic issues. The apparent simplicity of the theme, often very linked to current events, should not however mislead: the point of view to be adopted must be chosen with care and the approach must always be fresh and personal.

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